IBS: Anita's story

'I've become so used to being like this that I just think it's normal' was what Anita said to me during her first consultation, referring to the IBS symptoms she'd been suffering from for nine years. A recent increase in the severity and frequency of her symptoms had forced her to seek help outside conventional medicine. Interested in alternative therapies and having read a magazine article about acupuncture, she had decided to give it a go. Background Anita (34) had been a great backpacker, and her digestive issues started when she was travelling from time zone to time zone and eating different types of food every few weeks. Five years after her return, her symptoms had gradually become l

Acupuncture and IBS

It’s IBS Awareness Month, so it seems like the perfect time to have a look at what acupuncture can do for sufferers. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disturbance in the large intestine which is characterised by a range of symptoms. These include diarrhoea (sometimes urgent) and/or constipation, abdominal spasms and pain, excess wind and bloating. Hand in hand with these, sufferers might also experience symptoms in other parts of the body, eg headaches, muscle and joint pain, tinnitus, nausea, and stress and anxiety. IBS and Chinese medicine Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole and at the energy flowing through the organs and along the meridians, or channels. Consequently, there

Spring - bye bye Water, hello Wood

It's spring. Hooray! Gone are those quiet, still days of winter where we were all hunkered down wearing big jumpers with the curtains closed. It's time to re-emerge into nature and join the time of rebirth. Welcome to Wood Whilst winter is the time of the Water element in Chinese medicine, spring is the time of Wood. And the energy attributed to the Wood element is Yang in nature - dynamic, warm, outward and upward-moving and with the strength to force its way through concrete, like that determined little seedling you see breaking through the tarmac of a pavement. So when we move into spring, we leave behind all that rest and the emphasis on storage, and emerge into the open once more, r

Pollen Countdown

Hay fever might not be quite at the forefront of people's minds at the moment, but if you do suffer, it's not too late to start preparing your body for the pollen onslaught, particularly if you usually fall victim later in spring and summer. I'm already treating a number of people in preparation (including one lady who habitually falls victim during Wimbledon fortnight), and acupuncture has always served them very well when it comes to alleviating those debilitating symptoms. But what other natural remedies can you try? I recently met a local beekeeper, who not only talked me through how a hive works (which is absolutely fascinating), she also explained that taking a teaspoon of local hone

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