Who's afraid of the perimenopause?

Cheeringly, it seems that the perimenopause has at last been on the agenda in the media. So what’s it all about? ‘Peri’ means ‘around’, so ‘perimenopause’ refers to the time of transition during which a woman’s cycle slows down, or jigs about a bit, or speeds up (or in a lot of cases all of the above) before ceasing altogether, ie reaching menopause. This phase usually begins between the ages of 40 and 50 and continues for an average of 4 years. It’s a perfectly normal process; there’s nothing ‘wrong’ and therefore nothing technically to fix. But while some women hardly notice anything amiss other than irregularity and eventual cessation of periods, others can be greatly affected by their

In the bleak midwinter

Happy New Year to you! Raring to go? While New Year is a positive time it’s also a bit grey and a bit dark, and despite (at least theoretically) having had a rest over the festive season, we tend to be a bit low on energy at this time of year. When you’ve taken the decorations down, ‘disposed of’ the last of the Quality Street and celebrated the rubbish being collected (at last!), what’s left can be, well, a little depressing. So here are four massively useful and easy ways to keep your Qi flowing during January and beyond: 1. Get outside Heaven knows there are few enough hours of daylight available in the Northern Hemisphere when we’re leaning so far away from the sun, but make the most o

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