Spring greenery

Now that winter's gone, a hearty diet is definitely no longer the thing. Spring is the time to concentrate on the liver, which you can do by embracing all things fresh and light. What a hungry liver wants The emphasis in spring is on light food, cooked quickly (sauteing is a good method). It's no longer the time for meaty stews or anything salty. Instead, you should be avoiding foods such as heavy meat, dairy and eggs, and making sure you don't eat too late in the evening. It will come as no surprise to learn that what's good for your liver at this time of year is young fresh greens. It will benefit from any early root crops too, such as carrots and beets, which add a little natural sweet

What is Qi?

I have to admit that sometimes I cringe when I hear myself use the word 'energy' when I'm talking about acupuncture. Being not the least bit woo-woo by nature, I always feel it sounds a bit original-series-of-Star-Trek and hardly credible at all. But the fact is we are energetic beings. And it IS a fact. Where does this stuff come from? Our bodies are constantly producing electricity, or energy. It's happening as you're reading this. We talk of synapses 'firing' and of 'signals' being relayed by our nervous systems. The action of an electrical charge jumping from one cell to another is what allows us to function: to read something, to keep our hearts beating, to smile, to pick up a pen.

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