Yin and Yang: an explanation

The concept of Yin and Yang is a vital part of the Chinese medicine theory of health. Here’s a simple explanation.

Yin and Yang are considered to be the two sides of a universal force that influences everything in nature, including us.

Yin energy is:

  • heavy

  • cool

  • dark

  • grounded

  • quiet

  • restorative

Yang energy is:

  • upward-moving

  • warm

  • light

  • expansive

  • noisy

  • vibrant

A balance between Yin and Yang leads to a state of good health. You need both, but not too much of one or the other. If that happens, that’s when health is adversely affected.

If your Yin and Yang are out of kilter, you might experience symptoms such as feeling particularly hot or cold, or you might feel tired or, alternatively, have an excess of anxious energy.

Take this test to find out how your Yin and Yang are faring and what you can do to redress the balance.

(Test based on a version by Angie Hicks of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine)

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