Pollen Countdown

Hay fever might not be quite at the forefront of people's minds at the moment, but if you do suffer, it's not too late to start preparing your body for the pollen onslaught, particularly if you usually fall victim later in spring and summer.

I'm already treating a number of people in preparation (including one lady who habitually falls victim during Wimbledon fortnight), and acupuncture has always served them very well when it comes to alleviating those debilitating symptoms. But what other natural remedies can you try?

full honey pot and honey stick on rustic wooden board.jpg

I recently met a local beekeeper, who not only talked me through how a hive works (which is absolutely fascinating), she also explained that taking a teaspoon of local honey a day can help to reduce - and in some cases even eradicate - hay fever symptoms. This is said to work by introducing very small amounts of the local pollen into the body (via the honey) so that, over time, the immune system becomes desensitised to it and no longer overreacts.

Why not give it a go? A teaspoon of honey a day? Not really a hardship, especially compared to endless antihistamines. It could help to reduce your symptoms come hay fever season, and by buying local, you'll be supporting local bees and bee keepers too.

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