New year, new blog ...

A happy new year to you, and welcome to my new blog.

Like most people, my thoughts at the turn of the year are always about how I can live a healthier life. This usually involves making a list of things I 'should give up', and sure enough it makes me feel horribly miserable within about two days.

So this year I've decided to give myself something instead: I'm going to give myself more time. We all lead such frantic lives, spending our waking hours working, looking after other people, eating on the hoof, running from A to B and then falling into bed at the end of the day often too hyped up to sleep. And I am no exception.

My answer to this? I've made appointments for myself in my diary, which are marked 'Nothing'. This is my time to do things purely for me. I can watch films (something which I love and hardly ever do), plan trips and holidays (more of this at a later date), catch up with friends on the phone, read that pile of National Geographics that's been growing beside my bed for the past year, have acupuncture treatment (yes, believe it or not that's something I never have time for) and anything else that takes my fancy. The only rule is it shouldn't be something I feel I 'have' to do.

Strangely, I feel more excited about this than I would about giving anything up! Why not start 2015 on a positive note, be your own PA and schedule some time for yourself in your diary?

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