27 Mar 2019

Any of you who follow me on Instagram will know I love to travel.  And you’ll probably also know how hard I try to find relevance to acupuncture in what I see and do when I’m away!  So my trip to Japan last month was no exception.

I could wax lyrical abou...

9 Feb 2019

Hands up who’s thrown themselves into intense physical exercise since the new year.

A lot of you, I bet.  But winter isn’t the time for hardcore cardio work, least of all in the weather we’ve been having lately.  It’s the most Yin time of year, and therefore a time of q...

3 Feb 2019

It's nearly Chinese New Year - the 2019 celebrations will begin on 5th February - and this time it's the turn of the Earth Pig.  

So, what could this new year mean for you?  Have a look at the video below to find out.  If you're not sure of your Chinese zodiac anim...

30 Sep 2018

The concept of Yin and Yang is a vital part of the Chinese medicine theory of health.  Here’s a simple explanation.

Yin and Yang are considered to be the two sides of a universal force that influences everything in nature, including us. 

Yin energy is:

  • heavy

  • cool


16 Sep 2018

Moxibustion is a treatment I use in my clinic alongside acupuncture almost every day.  The two absolutely go hand in hand.  So here’s the lowdown on what it’s about.

What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion involves the burning of a herb called moxa, which is part of t...

7 Jul 2018

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot, hot, hot.  So how are you feeling?  Invigorated? Sapped of energy?  Firing on all cylinders? Or flat as a pancake?

The heat affects everyone to varying degrees (sorry for the pun), but did you know heat can invade your bod...

2 Jun 2018

You’ll probably know by now that I just love a soup recipe, so here’s a nice simple one for late spring. 

Mustard greens and pork soup


300g mustard greens *

180g lean organic pork

2 slices of fresh ginger

* also known as kai choi


1.            Wash and...

15 Jan 2018

Cheeringly, it seems that the perimenopause has at last been on the agenda in the media.

So what’s it all about?

‘Peri’ means ‘around’, so ‘perimenopause’ refers to the time of transition during which a woman’s  cycle slows down, or jigs about a bit, or speeds up (or in...

2 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to you!  Raring to go?

While New Year is a positive time it’s also a bit grey and a bit dark, and despite (at least theoretically) having had a rest over the festive season, we tend to be a bit low on energy at this time of year.  When you’ve taken the de...

4 Nov 2017

Here we are again - shorter days, temperatures drop, you suddenly develop an interest in knitwear - yes, it's autumn.  This is a time for slowing down and cosying up, and that goes for your diet too.

Here's a lovely comforting recipe for those autumn evenings.


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